Parking and Access Control

Commercial parking lots and complexes need a safe and secure environment. Since parking lots houses vehicles, the place has to be protected with a great security force. Both the location and the parked cars should be protected so that people will not hesitate to enter and park their cars.

A parking lot is a large area that contains precious objects like cars. Because of this, it comes with multiple security risks that you need to prevent and handle properly. When a parking area is unguarded, it can cause vandalism of the location, loitering, break-ins of the parked vehicles and trespassing.

People will only agree to park in a place that they think is safe. Since their car is an expensive and valuable property, they want to put it in safe hands. With parking and access control security service, you can let your visitors feel safe.

Common Security Risks In Parking Complexes

Several safety hazards occur in parking complexes. Prevent these situations from happening by having an expert security force protect your property.

1. Vandalism
Vandalism is one of the most common security risks that can occur in your parking complex. If the location is unguarded, there will be some people who will cause vandalism because they know that no one will catch them. Vandalism can go from minor to major disturbance, but all of these actions would still cost you money to clear up. Some people might vandalize your location, but there are also some people who would vandalize the vehicles.

Prevent this from happening by placing a security force inside your parking location. You can install a security system and have guards that will prevent vandals from doing anything unpleasant in your complex.

2. Loitering
While it may seem minor at first sight, loitering can quickly become a major risk for your parking complex. Loitering would mean that people throw their trash carelessly along your parking grounds. One or two trash looks easy to handle, but it will get worse if people continue to do it without thinking of the consequence.

Let a competent security guard oversee your parking grounds. A professional security team will not only discourage people from loitering, but they will also be able to catch the person who litter.

3. Break-Ins
This is one of the significant security risks for parking complexes, and it is a major one. People would be wary of visiting your parking grounds if they hear that break-ins happen. Since break-ins can range from thefts to vehicle damage, you will receive many complaints about this situation.

You can prevent this major security hazard from happening. With our professional parking area security service, our guards will be able to handle and prevent break-ins from happening.

Protect Your Parking Grounds

Let your tenants and visitor feel safe with a secured parking area. Have trained professionals provide excellent access control and parking enforcement policies so that your place will be protected adequately. Concert sites, mall grounds, urban communities and more need to have a secure environment that makes people feel safe.

At American Star  Services, we have security professionals who can protect your parking grounds to the best of their abilities. Give us a call today to learn more about our parking and access control security services.

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