About Us

Highly Trained and Rigorously Screened Security Professionals.

At American Star, we offer a superior professional force that can meet all of your safety and security concerns. We want to make sure that you are adequately protected and secured, so we employ the best professionals who have undergone an intensive training period.

Our primary goal is your safety and security. We believe that you deserve an excellent security team who can always protect you and keep you safe. Here at American Star, we offer a variety of protection services that can be customized to fit your needs.

The American Star Service Quality

We make sure that we provide superior protection that sets us apart from other traditional security businesses. We ensure that all of our services are of high-quality and fully equipped for your safety at all times.

Here are the three qualities that make an American Star service exceptional:

1. Well-Trained Security Officers
All of our professionals are well-trained and expert at their jobs. We ensure that they can give you the best protection by having undergone our Security Guard Project. In this project, all members of our security force are given intensive and rigorous training for tactical and service systems. We also provide an elaborate background check to ensure that they are fit for your service.

2. Excellent Supervisors
At American Star Guard, we don’t only send security officers, but also supervisors. Our directors make sure that all of our guards adhere to our rules, regulations, and ordinance. Our supervising team also ensures that our force is always doing their job properly so that you can be safe.
If you prefer, you can also communicate with our supervising team so that you can get the best security and protection services.

3. Superior Technology
We make sure that all of our security guards are equipped with two-way radios that allow regular communication with our management team. We also have a technology that allows you to properly screen our security force’s movements so that they are always active on the job.

Security Guard Project

Our security personnel is admitted and trained through our superior Security Guard Project. Here is an overview of our security training that help makes our guards fit perfectly for your safety needs.

Applicant Screening
Here at American Star, we start by giving a rigorous applicant screening. We do this to ensure that the members of our security force are fit to handle your safety concerns. We check the background and prior skills of our applicants. Our screening team makes sure that our security personnel has the personality and skills fit to handle your security concerns.

Service Training
Another phase of our Security Guard Project is the intense service training. We groom our officers so that they are properly trained in criminal law protocols as well as standard service procedures. We make sure that our security force knows how to handle and manage your security concerns with a professional process.

Tactical Training
Our third phase in our Security Guard Project is our advanced defensive training. We make sure that our security force is fit and active so that they can immediately take action during security procedures. Every security member is trained to handle different scenarios and events that may threaten your safety.

Let Us Protect You

With our exceptional security force, professional supervision team, and latest technologies, we ensure that you, your property and your community are always safe and sound.

Here at American Star, your safety is our top priority.

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