Home Owners Association (HOA) and Residential Security

Whether you are living in a home owner association residence or a non-home owner association home, you will need an efficient security force that can make your family safe and protected. Since residential homes are becoming a target for various crimes, one of the key essentials that your community should have is an active security team.

Residences in communities have different security needs. If you are a part of the home owners organization or if you simply want to make your community better, we offer an excellent residential security service that keeps your environment safe from any unwanted hazards.

Benefits Of Our Residential Security Service

What will you get from our security service? Here are just a few of the numerous benefits that you can receive with our service.

1. It includes our latest technology, the Destiny Patrol Software.
Since you retained of a security service, you want to make sure that the security team is protecting and patrolling your community. Since you want to keep your private community safe at all times, it is imperative that the security team is always active while on-duty. If you want minute updates of the professional security team that you hired, then we have the perfect technology for you.

With our Destiny Patrol Software, you can always know the precise location of our security team. The software provides a detailed electronic report that is complete with a real-time GPS map point and minute updates of our team’s situation. You will not need to worry about our security team because, with the software, you can easily find and locate them while they are on patrols.

2. It provides patrols that can be conducted via any method that you prefer.
Do you want the patrols around your residence to be conducted on foot or with a vehicle? Patrols are necessary for every community as it helps keep the environment safe and secure. There are gated communities, while there are non-gated communities.

Our residential security service allows your community to be regularly patrolled. Our expert professionals will be able to patrol your community 24/7 via foot, bike, cart, or other methods of transportation.

3. It presents maximum protection for your home environment.
Are you looking for a security service that protects your community from vandalism, trespassing, and break-ins? For community residences, security is a necessity. You need to make sure that every family in your home owners association is always satisfied. Several security issues will come up, and the residences want you to handle them properly or else they will be unsatisfied and might even leave.

Prevent this situation from taking place by hiring an expert security service that meets and handles every type of safety concerns. This way, the people within your home owners association will always be happy.

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At American Star, we offer both armed and non-armed personnel that can keep your community safe at all times. With our Destiny Patrol System, our regular patrols, and our professional security force, we give you an unconditional security service.

Give us a message today to learn more about how we can protect your homes.

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